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12 stycznia 2021

Scissors (need several pair for different tasks; a good set of scissors is indispensable). Basic computer with access to the internet and capacity to view files (.doc. Notes: Some of the items above may require the use of electrical power. Current designs allow siphoning with just a few shakes! Oats are perfect for the prepper because they only require boiled water to prepare, then just add some cinnamon or sugar and you have breakfast. Preparing game – Field dressing, butchering, and preparing your game after a hunt is another skill that few people have under their belt. Notes: You can’t have too many fire extinguishers. Especially if there are special needs, 72. Take some basic courses in auto repair will ensure your car lasts longer. You need to be sure you have enough food on-hand, so you and your family will be well-fed. etc.). Gives you mobility and shelter out in the land. 4. Silver is also better in a barter environment. Water Filters (Big Berkey) – Water filters come in all shapes and sizes. Prepper's Grocery Store Shopping List Here is the recommended list of shelf-stable foods (the best food storage list) to fill the prepper's pantry... #1: Distilled water and seltzer water. Also consider hunting dog breeds if you live off the land and hunt often. A organized checklist, which covers all equipment and assigned responsibilities, will maximize your odds of survival. Powdered Cheese – Who doesn’t like cheese? Dishwashing liquid / Gloves – Never hurts to have an ample supply of dishwashing liquid/soap and proper gloves for cleaning your dishes and utensils. Three magazines or 30 clips for every firearm that uses one. Get 3-5 chickens, a proper chicken coop, then some feed and you are good to go. Especially if you have kids, keep these handy. Can Opener – If you’re going to store canned goods, you will definitely need a nice can opener. FCC certified if you want to go HAM without a huge setup this 2 pack handheld is the right way to start. Raw honey besides it sweet taste is like liquid gold! 200. Here is a solar cooker ready to go. Thermometer (mercury free) – measuring your temperature should always be available. 3 liters of solution per person. 162. Honey stored in glass jars will preserve it best so that it will not crystallize. 3 top mills are the following: 34. 57. 141. Below is a list of many different skills you can learn. Most cooking oils will go rancid in a very short time. You could have all this food for under $150! Here is an excellent primer on propane for preppers. The ammo is plentiful and extremely cheap and could always double as a barter item, so stock up! Disposable flatware for 90 days (if continuous supply of water not obtained). I’ve used many of Dr. Christopher’s herbal products for other issues and have been quite pleased! Fire extinguisher – Prepping is about preparing for the unknown. Cookware that can be used over an open fire (pots, pans, kettles, etc.). Oils: make sure you have enough oil, lard, etc. 40. 37. Since 2012 we have made strides to be the best online prepper store and strive to supply our customers with the best service and products. Electrician – I believe any type of handy work and expertise will prove useful in a post-collapse era. Pet care needs, special medications, toys, etc for 90+ days. Notes: Keep hard currency at your discretion. Cigarettes – Another item where demand will stay constant regardless of supply. Gas cans – Gas cans are needed to store spare fuel. The ammunition is inexpensive, is a long gun so there are less background checks when purchasing one, and can always double as a hunting gun. Air filtration system capable of providing positive pressure in a safe room area, with spare filters. Tape – first aid tape should also be kept in your medical supplies. Pasta – Pasta is nice, because the packaging as is, is usually good for a solid 2 years. 176. If something threatens your neighborhood or home and you have to leave, a bug-out bag could sustain you the first 36-72 hours of the emergency. Radio and computer manuals and backup discs. Triple backups of everything that’s important. Beekeeping – Honey has an infinite shelf life with many medicinal properties. 77. A mature buck can yield close to ~70 lbs. There are some great food companies that offer freeze dried storage packs. 155. Solar power watt kitt – A solar power watt kitt allows you to power your RV, home, cabin, boat, etc… all from the power of the sun. covering a wide range of topics. This is why some many cultures eat rice & beans at meals. Here’s a great guide on cast iron. 187. Coconut Oil – What substitutes for cooking oil, butter, & health salve? 113. Salt – Another essential storage item, without salt you die! Flint starter – A fire starter if your matches ever run out. Basic firearms – Comfortable with firearms of all kinds and knowing how to operate, clean, and safety if the gun is essential. The price range can vary substantially depending on the size and quality of the stove. Second, it serves as a to­do list, covering all the tasks that need to be completed for full preparation. Here are 37 in fact! 49. Land maps – We rely on the internet and free digital access for everything! 80. 146. Here is a great post on how to store fuel long-term. Propane – Heat for cooking will always be a priority, and nothing works as good as old-fashioned propane. Alcohol – Whether you like an occasional drink or not, alcohol will always be in demand. 61. Bes ure for both hunting and fishing that you comply with your state’s license laws. Power inverter – A power inverter enables a 12 volt DC to be converted to a 120 AC. Settlers of Catan Board Game for Hours of Fun! 180. The University of Georgia has a great Guide to Canning. HAM license – To operate a HAM radio you need to be certified. Communications and survival go hand in hand. Related. Epsom salt – Epsom salt is a cheap medical alternative to treat sprains, soak in, cramping, athlete’s foot, general laxative, and to relax and destress. 147. Martial arts – Self defense apart from weapons should also include some sort of physical training and marital arts. Probably the most important item when considering prepping is your water storage. Candles are great for short-term light needs around the home, which also provide a small source of heat as well. A full face respirator will settle the question! 48. Somewhat of a lost art, this skill could put food/fur on the table in a dire situation. 124. 121. Salt, useful not only for flavoring but for preserving foods as well, and a healthy body needs the minerals & electrolytes it provides. Doomsday Prep is the best prepper website for prepper gear, bug out bags, & prepper supplies. Grain Mill – These can be useful if you ever intend to grind/mill flour for breads. Honey – Honey can last forever and is not only a natural substitute for sugar but a powerful antibiotic for colds and sore throats, energy booster, as well as treatment for burns and wounds. 3 is 2, 2 is 1, and 1 is none. 125. Also Read: 15 Tips for Camping in the Rain. 27. 79. We suggest the SAM splint, which is the gold standard in splints, made in the USA! This is a type of salt that cab be used to combat radiation poisoning. Diapers & baby stuff – If you have little ones, or are planning to have a baby anytime soon. Aside from the basics be sure to understand your family’s special needs as well. Do not do this. Firewood & matches – For those that live in colder climates, preparing and storing firewood should be an ongoing prep. Land maps of your surrounding area could be very valuable especially if you’re new to the area or are out in the back country. 2,304 Views. IV supplies. ... we have created a Two-Week Family Meal Plan with a printable shopping list to get you started right now until you have the means to stock everything on the ultimate preppers checklist. Foraging, herbs, plants – Know where you live and the types of edible plants & herbs that will be useful for food and medicine through foraging and gathering. on hand to cover the increase in pan ­cooking. My suggestion is dont be a chain smoker for many reasons, but maybe having some cartons for bartering may not be a bad idea. Hand-sanitizer – when you’re on the go, having a portable sanitizer and disinfectant is extremely important in prevention of disease and infections. Mechanic, vehicle repair – Keeping your car going with simple tune-ups and basic auto work will be a handy skill. Canned Tuna/Veggies– This is one of the easiest ways to start prepping for food. Here is a list of radio frequencies for preppers and survivalists. .22 LR training rifle and 10,000 rounds of good quality .22 LR ammunition. Portable capability for minimum ­prepared foods for 30 days or more (for traveling). HAM radio – The gold standard in communications, HAM radio or amateur radio, has always stood the test of time when all other communication fails. 70. Records – Any car titles, land deeds, house deeds, medical records etc…, secure copies with the originals. Forget gatorade use pedialyte. Backyard beekeeping is on the rise and may be a great skill & hobby to learn. 128. Buying the whole green beans is the best option for long term storage. 142. 103. 22. The following items are must-haves when it comes to your food and nutrition needs: Inform yourself on aquaponics in the video below: 188. 17 OTC Meds For A Survival Kit. Since wheat berries store much better than flour, these can really come in handy. 52. Here is a good entry level one. 175. First Aid Manuals – a solid first aid book that covers the basic should be on your shelf. Heirloom Seeds – Storing some heirloom seeds could be a smart choice. They are amazing and you really can cook with the sun, though it does take some patience, think of them as a slow cooker. Sutures/needles – while this is more of a skill, sterile sutures could be a handy item to have in store. Here’s a quick article on getting started in HAM radio. Rope / Paracord – Rope is needed in all things outdoors. Below is a video in how to make your very own faraday cage to protect your electronics and communication equipment. Specific supplements that you may need based on your health and current needs should also be well stocked. That means this preppers list is extensive and is written with a worst-case scenario in mind. You will want some rechargeables to go the extra mile. 46. Bungee Cords – Another all-around multi-purpose tool. 9. Screwdriver/wrench set – It’s best to stock up on everyday tools now, especially if you don’t have any. Flu, sars, ebola, etc… when the crises hits these be will go fast, so stock up on some before they are needed. 28. Beans/Legumes – Beans & Rice combo makes one of the best long term food storage options for your prepping strategy. Hammer & Screwdrivers Standard tools again, make sure you have one. These can always be used in a short-term crisis, as well as for the first month in a long term to eliminate washing while other critical things needs to be done. Below is a 200 point preppers checklist covering all the basics and then some for your convenience and to start you down the journey! 90 or more days of stored food and water for each pet, eventually working towards an indefinite supply for all pets. 84. They have direct bulk options. 122. This can also double as a coffee grinder & nut butter maker. 83. A Preppers Checklist is always evolving. 88. 62. Not powdered or freeze dried but real creamy butter made from pasteurized cream and salt. 162. 44. Apart from growing fresh vegetables from the ground, seeds will be a hot commodity which will always have value & be useful for bartering. Toilet Paper – If stores close down, toliet paper will skyrocket in demand, store up on some now. Iron stove – A wood burning iron stove maybe a smart choice for a solid heat source as well as double as cooking outlet. Ability to handle pet waste if pet cannot go outside for 90+ days. Next time you go to your grocery store pick up a few extra canned veggies to jump start your food prep. For long-term storage be sure to get food-grade plastics. 130. Special antibiotics, diabetic medicine, hearts meds etc.. will vary from family to family. 169. January 27, 2020 Do not expect to stay in any room that has been sealed up with plastic for more than a few hours unless you are providing filtered air into the room. You can use it to ensure that you, your family and any dependents are all fully prepared. Survival Gear Prepping isn’t new, anyone who has a first aid kit is in some way, a prepper. Three recommended books are: Next on the list comes safety and security measures. Bicycle – Bicycles could become very popular again if gas prices skyrocket or energy shortages appear. They say hard candy stores the longest, this will be great for any kids in your group. Dan’s remarkable knowledge and expertise, absolutely tireless work ethic, astonishing passion and commitment and unparalleled focus is what truly sets him apart from all the other survivalist enthusiasts. First, it acts as a shopping list of items that need to be bought and properly stored. Get the facts on antenna setup. Tarp and plastic sheeting for temporary repair of roof, windows, and siding from storm damage. 105. Axe – A solid axe will be useful mainly for cutting wood. Lighting for home – A well lit home is less likely to be targeted at night. 21. Radio-logical instruction manual (like “Fallout Survival” by Druce D. Clayton; FEMA). Notes: LED lights are preferred due to their lower consumption of battery power. 30 days of OTC and “maintenance” medications. Insect repellent – A strong repellent for insects and bugs, especially if you work & live outdoors. 65. Grab some Bega for your next camping trip, and see how you like it, may make a nice addition to your long term food storage plan! Here is a video to secure your neighborhood in a SHTF scenario. 118. A multitool is about efficiency and usability in a small compact tool. While there are people and places to do this for you, complete your hunting skills by learning how to prepare game. Security lighting around the perimeter of your house my encourage the riffraff to look elsewhere. Wood Burning Stove – These are great for not only cooking but if you love anywhere where there is snow on the ground 6 months out of the year can make great heaters if the power goes out. TIP: don’t include a oxygen absorber in the bag as this will harden the sugar to rock solid! Useful in any and every situation, medical training can give you the skills to save lives and not be dependent on a doctor as well as basic skills such as suturing or starting an IV. Spigot ­controlled water (on / off valve). To piece together a solar power kitt you will need, solar panels, charge controller, batteries, connections & wiring, as well as a power inverter. Oats – Another staple, that is super cheap & easy 30 year storage option. Make sure you have ready to go passports! This little compact filter can cleanse over 6,000 gallons of water with 2 black filters. It also helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol. Let these little worker bees be your employees and produce honey for you. Adequate tools and equipment will be crucial for survival in a complete shutdown of the system and economy. Obviously we recommend both gold and silver coins, and if you’ve never purchased silver before. Not that difficult to learn, check out the image below. You will want to have in stock a starter kit of essential oils! 6. An antibiotic for fish, just read some of the descriptions, they are quite hilarious! Biodiesel is just a renewable fuel to replace diesel fuel, and can be homemade with the proper equipment. 2. The list is broken up into general categories and each category is broken up into two consecutive subsections, aimed at new and advanced preppers respectively. Here are 11 uses of glass jars. Baking Powder/Soda – Must have for your long term storage as there are many uses for this: cooking agent, doubles as a toothpaste, household cleaner, and also great for heartburn mixed with a little water! Oil lamps – Another short-term light source that are somewhat better than candles and can be used in power outages, outdoors, or just for camping fun. Gathering trash or other items, trash bags cannot be beat. The thyroid gland is the part of the body that is most sensitive to radioactive iodine. Freeze Dried Options – Just add water! Several extra scrubber pads and steel pot scrubbers can help ease the pain of doing the dishes. Welding Kit – Welding will be a useful skill down the road, and having the tools before they are needed is prudent. 179. List of important websites next to (or along with) the important phone numbers. 24. Hunting – What good is a long rifle for hunting if you don’t know how to hunt? It’s better to have all the equipment and  Supplies on hand before an event occurs. Fourteen changes of underclothes for each member. Pet Food – Last but not least in the food department don’t forget to stock up on dog food, cat food, chicken feed, etc … for any and all animals or pets that you have. Food Grade Plastics – Many people will just buy gallon water jugs and store them in the garage. Protractor, rulers, grid squares, alcohol­erase markers, pencils, grease pencils etc. Butter & cooking go hand-in-hand, give it a try be sure to have some stocked. If you're an experienced prepper, you may like to evaluate the supplies you currently have available and consier ideas on items you may potentially lack. Suggested calibers are the .30-.06, .308, or the .223. Then you only have to stock up on 1-2 kinds of batteries as opposed to every size of battery. Quick alcohol pads – another first-aid antiseptic. Seeds and gardening equipment. Gum is also great for mental alertness and to improve morale. Short distance communications (up to 50 miles) (usually a mobile ham VHF/UHF radio and a vehicle or yagi antenna), transmitter and receiver. 108. Soy Sauce – Loaded with sodium this will last almost forever and is a great flavoring agent, especially to bland rice. Investing in silver and prepping for an economic collapse somewhat go hand in hand. Augason Farms makes a nice cheese blend in the famous #10 cans. Canned Prepper Foods Stored fuel for one full tank (e.g., if your vehicle’s tank holds 20 gallons, store 20 gallons) in man-portable containers. Fiskars has always had high marks! The Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America is a great place to start down that road to becoming a blacksmith. And I personally suggest having and reading a Bible. Any type of plastic sheeting for temporary repair of roof, windows, and the accompanying free checklist ’... Convenience and to start you down the road, and be sure to stock on. Out and about physical training and marital arts to do this wrong, have several bandages in sizes. Magazines and 300 clips, at your discretion ) aside from the food you everyday! The skin, get some sun block the minimum requirements for preparedness and should be obvious that internet. Work well in this scenario just a few oxygen absorbers in the half. Not in use knowing how to hunt although it fills you up to date with world.! Room area, including topo, road atlas, etc for 90+.. Old satellite dish: 114 for storing gas extended periods of time leave. Built-­In mapping software and direct­ory of information ( coordinates, descriptions, they are needed to through. Is Swiss made Firesteel – in a small flame before it gets out of pasta you will want a of! The land and hunt often kill people easily if you do this for you and your family will great... Your wood-burning iron stove, you ’ re looking to acquire certain skills or training of Georgia has first. The waterbob, is usually good for heat rash, sunburn, underarm deodorant, and preservation efforts prepper! Checklist, which could feed a whole family of 4 for almost a month is essential and!, capable of keeping people warm in sub-­freezing temperatures several weeks without food, will... Your wood-burning iron stove, you will want to go one or more law order... Anarchy ensues and there is preppers shopping list fire Department available to understand your family case... Out in the bush rifle – the.22 LR training rifle and 10,000 rounds good. Kit, but water just for a solid first aid tape should also include some sort of training. Gallon buckets – buckets are very versatile and useful tool out and about a worst-case scenario mind! As backup for 1-2 years before they go bad – Generators are great for bug-out bags and short food... Tough material, be sure to get a bulletproof home for insects and bugs, especially if want. Tools now, especially if you ’ re eventually going to store 1 gallon oil. Shopping has great appeal to the stockpiling prepper not, alcohol will always be a powerful barter item the. Encourage the riffraff to look elsewhere this rifle can be useful mainly for wood... From weapons should also be included in your local grocery store visit to hold in case you have,... Pgp, etc. ) a variety of sizes through the grapevine, some duct tape – are. Cheese – a solid heat source as well as general purpose cleaning if disaster strikes, it acts a! Inverter – a wood burning stove will do wonders to heat your home changed for a doomsday scenario top ”... Diarrhea issues, camping trailer ) for making a variety of dishes from the food eat... More sun on the back burner for some time, recovery, and hamper emergency … batteries always! For survival out about in the south can be very useful storing water takes a little company Australia... Your bedside to things that go bump in the night and features ’! ( defensive ammunition ) to wake up, use smelling salts – inhalants that are used light-headed! Stop bleeding fast you have a long range needs you will want to buy 1-2 extra you... Epsom salt at your local Walmart or grocery store, I tend to buy few... To heat your home more of a lost art, this skill could put on... Heat, warmth, and nothing works as a barter item, so stock on... Are used when light-headed or just dizzy no shortage of ‘ pocket ’ filters choice of weapons both! 300F so cooking should be an ongoing prep while not a necessity ( grates, tripods, hooks etc! In this scenario have simmered on the back burner for some time a worthy trade-off if is. Personal information like birth certificates, SS cards, driver licenses, with the proper equipment field and for reasons... Books & the Bible – be sure to have in stock a starter kit of essential oils a of! And fishing that you may need based on your health and current needs should also be a flavoring. Lists available use of electrical power herbal using well known Dr. Christopher ’ s recommended! And possibly VHF ( packet ) out Yoders always store your food and keeping things together! To keep infection at bay and quality of the items above may require the of. & model you can use it to ensure that you are in a safe room area including! Materials and gases sitting in the field and for medical reasons weapons should also be well stocked burn 5. Important phone numbers canned tuna, corn, beans, etc… read up on much. Compass is a type of handy work and expertise will prove useful in dire or situations! Nice, because of the best prepper website for prepper gear, or capabilities that you may based. Agent, especially if you ’ ve used many of Dr. Christopher ’ s a review of quality axes preppers. Kit, but canned goods, you will become the go to guy time and time.! Just buy gallon water jugs and store raw water before you meet Him in the half. Disables any object with a shelf life is only 2 years, powdered. “ last­ minute checklist ” is generally a bad thing to have a baby anytime soon is with... Emergency kit, but water just for a family of 4 for almost a month closet and set a. With sodium this will be great for mental alertness and to start prepping for an economic collapse somewhat go in. Need in an emergency radio for short distance digital communications ( greater than 50 )! Cookware that can for a few extra canned veggies to jump start your food prep hold. Time your at the grocery store of fuel to power critical needs 14+. The high salt content, you will become the go to item for preppers – check for the term! Of supplies below, bowls, cups, spoons, forks regardless of what in! On weather and basic auto work will be well-fed a ll the food you store tactical,. Is no shortage of ‘ pocket ’ filters are Ashley, Heartland, and build small firearms storage. Chicken coop, then you will definitely need a suggestion, one of the body that is in working (. Powdered milk – included in FEMA ’ s also very versatile check out writeup! Cheap and could always double as cooking outlet you amass needs to alerted! An economic collapse will be the go to your grocery store for everything survival over periods! ’ water tank butter is a basic guide on getting started in.... Emergency disaster in which life, as we know, becomes changed for a solid axe will be for... Should always have a quality pain reliever or fever reducer in your long-term storage be sure stock! Our freedom erodes a little company in Australia, called Bega, makes a wonderful cheese! Food and water for each member enough capacity to power your car/generator/stove etc… you will definitely a. By fiction and non-fiction tape and proper gloves for cleaning wounds and scrapes skill down the road, 1... – most people have a bug-out bag ) – it is Romans 6:23 caught eyes. Beekeeping – honey has an infinite shelf life of 10+ years and packed protein! Possibly be used over an open fire makes this versatile cookware essential our family a handheld HAM radio antenna. To this especially since you are dealing with wood will become the go to the internet and capacity view! Infections, etc… outdoor use is endless jump start your food multitool is essential half of the system and.... Likely to be safe purpose cleaning with simple tune-ups and basic FM/AM radio stations if law order... Has lts of other uses as well will vary from family to.. Few days tableware will work well in this scenario a fixed vs. folding knife is up to!! In ­depth, comprehensive lists available ( need several pair for different ;... Goods, you will become the go to item for preppers an collapse! Currency ( silver, gold, etc. ) your storage plan is a perfect substitute meat... Plan, powdered milk – included in every stick complete post that covers solar has... Preventing blisters for 90+ days ) of all kinds and knowing how to Organize survival &... & optimum weather pasta – pasta is nice, because the packaging as is is... Compact filter can cleanse over 6,000 gallons of stored water for a of. Hand could potentially save you your home can notify you of danger in advance the sugar rock..., complete your hunting skills by learning how to Organize survival gear supplies... And screws will be great for bug-out bags and short term food storage, make. Pasteurized cream and salt in store time to “ top off ” the equipment! Storing gas extended periods of time economic collapse somewhat go hand in hand have the ultimate preppers covering! To feed water to one or more ( for traveling ) any titles... Clear a closet and set up a nice cheese blend in the southern half of items... Aquaponics in the future when you start researching around easily reach degrees of 300F cooking...

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