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But just about all of those people have wound up with careers in the movie business… to my mind in spite of Night Of Bloody Horror rather than because of it! And I keep looking over my shoulder for what might be gaining on me! GM: Oh, God, I don’t know if I’ll remember it! So I don’t know where he was headed, but I don’t think Hearst would’ve necessarily been a part of the immediate future. And instead of me, they hired some guy named Selleck. And when I got word through my agent that this director had asked for me to do this little role in a film that he was doing, I was, like, “When do I show up?” [Laughs.] He said, “I don’t know what the role is.” “Doesn’t matter.” “I don’t know what kind of money it is.” “I don’t care! I never worked with him. He has a one younger brother Buddy McRaney. It’s what I like doing. I think she’s a terrific lady. So, yeah, that was the most beneficial role I’ve ever played in my life! Oh, wait! ... edge since you can never be sure where the deputy actually stands in this battle of wills and the random appearances of Gerald McRaney as the father of Branch Connelly. I just remember having to learn it. I feel very, very fortunate to be doing the things I’m doing right now. AVC: This is an absolute on-the-fly question based on what you just said, but when you did your episode of Cannon, did you mention to William Conrad that you used to listen to him on Gunsmoke? His aunt Wilma was a sometimes casting agent in New Orleans for films. There’s no nonsense with him. I’ve had a very good run here lately. What a great guy to work with. And they had had a little bit of experience in the movie business, but not enough so it showed. Join / Sign Up ... Longmire Barlow Connally 2 Episodes (2013-2015) Focus Owens 2015 Mini Bio (2) McRaney holds the distinction of being the last guest star to meet "Matt Dillon" in a gunfight on Gunsmoke (1955) - in the episode, Gunsmoke: Hard Labor (1975), first broadcast on February 24, 1975 (he lost). [Creator] David Milch is one of the most interesting human beings I’ve ever been around. But that was one of the things that irritated me about it, and I realized it my first day there, when they took me for fittings to a private shopper. Likewise, McRaney’s work on the sitcom and series like Major Dad, Promised Land, and the Castle is best known. AVC: Did you enjoy the opportunity to have a little Deadwood reunion on Justified? What the hell do I know about Hebrew? And I was in Virginia, and my agent called me again and said, “When can you be back home?” I said, “Well, that all depends on how Butch does tomorrow.” He said, “Well, let me know as soon as you can, because they’re holding that role open for you.”. GM: Well, the last showdown. Did you see that?Â, Yes, I did. Although it had the best ratings of any scripted show on A&E, second overall only to the reality show Duck Dynasty, A&E dropped the show shortly after the season ended. Robert [Taylor] is just a joy to work with, and everybody on that show gets along with everybody else, which was another great part of the experience. But I just thought they wrote me some fascinating and wonderful stuff to play, and I had a ball doing it. But apart from that, no, not really. I’m back to doing what I started out doing. I got the opportunity to chat with McRaney about his role in “Focus,” as well as his new series “Agent X” on TNT and his return to “Longmire,” heading to Netflix with season 4 later this year. Reel Life With Jane is your entertainment news and pop culture website. Directed by Michael Offer. BY Joe Leydon . AVC: There are probably half a dozen posters for the movie that are floating around the internet…. He also portrayed “Barlow Connelly” on contemporary Western drama “Longmire” and, over the last year, has simultaneously performed arcs on … The rodeo comes to Durant in this week’s Longmire, and plenty of folks are taking the “Ride ’Em Cowboy” directive to heart. Other interests include shopping (especially when it comes to finding the best bargain! There were people shooting from behind cover and stuff for the rest of the episode. After killing David Ridges, sheriff Longmire uncovers a clue that could prove that Ridges killed Miller Beck. GM: Oh, God. I’ve been so lucky in my career with the variety of roles that I’ve played, and I like doing all of it, but… there’s something so civilized about doing a sitcom. And that was a great joy for me, because my dad and I—and this is going way back—would listen to Gunsmoke on the radio, and then we were big fans of it when it came on TV, so to wind up with a role on that, strapping on the six-guns and going out on Dodge Street… That was great. His father, Barlow Connally (Gerald McRaney), a … So they started doing things like—we would talk incessantly about how we’re running out of food, and then by the end of the episode there’d be a block party to pick up people’s spirits. The writing on the show is fantastic, the people who do the show are fantastic, all the directors were incredible, and one of the great things about doing something for Netflix is nobody gives a damn about numbers. GM: Good God! And everything that he does, on first glance, can have this quirky, odd appearance to it, but there’s some essential human truth at the bottom of all of it. It’s good as an actor to have something that scares you a little from time to time. Something might be gaining on you.”. Being stuck in Hawaii at a five-star hotel is not bad. And this sort of stuff just happened throughout the show. AVC: You and your wife have also worked together a few other times, but it seems like there’s a decent shot that you might have a story to tell about working with Willie Nelson on Where The Hell’s That Gold?!!? I’m really supposed to be a character actor. AVC: Your ’70s output is a significant amount of ground to cover, but are there any of those guest appearances during that era that particularly stand out for you? Really love it. AVM: That’s actually one of my favorite recent guilty-pleasure movies. Pretty much what you see is what you get with Wilford. In fact, in the early portion of Gerald McRaney's career he almost always played the villain; but, since his first series, Simon & Simon (1981), hit it big, he's played mostly good guys. GM: Well, on my level, I wouldn’t have noticed any discernible difference. That, and an opportunity to work in front of the camera again. AVC: …and they’re all absolutely epic. So that was pretty great. [Laughs.] They had to have somebody. You can have the biggest star in the world; if the script isn’t there, neither is the movie. Jim loved actors. GM: I doubt that I would even be asked in, because the last thing we saw of Hearst was his leaving town, and I don’t know what David’s plans would be for anything beyond that, other than knowing that his original idea was to just follow the history of the place. You know, it really doesn’t matter what the role is, whether you’re playing brothers or friends or enemies. You know, I have some of the old DVDs of Simon & Simon, and the most painful thing for me to do is see all the stunts that I used to be able to do and think to myself, “How the hell did I ever do that, and why can’t I do it anymore?”. I’m playing all manner of different roles. AVC: Is there anything in your back catalog that didn’t get the love you thought it deserved? McRaney holds the distinction of being the last guest star to meet "Matt Dillon" in a gunfight on Gunsmoke (1955) - in the episode, Gunsmoke: Hard Labor (1975), first broadcast on February 24, 1975 (he lost). AVC: This next one is the most obscure thing on my list—there’s not even so much as a clip from it on YouTube—but the credits alone are fascinating enough that it’s a must-ask. That’s what I’ve always been. There were a couple of scenes in that film which were kind of overwritten, if you know what I mean. That being the case, when the show got picked up for a second season at the final hour, I don’t suppose it bothered you all that much that you’d died in the finale of season one. You’ve been married for 25 years. Interview: Gerald McRaney Talks Longmire, Agent X and Simon & Simon, Participate in this conversation via email, ‘Mad Men’ Final Episodes Countdown: A Fitting End of an Era, Reel Relationships: Road Hard – Choose Partners Wisely,, Movie Review: ‘Harriet’ is a Powerful But Flawed Account of an American Icon, Movie Review: ‘The River and the Wall’ Doc Follows the Mexican/U.S. GM: Oh, just that idiotic conceit of stomping on a glass with a bare foot. The oil fields allowed me to be an actor, quite frankly. He and I went deer hunting last November together, and we’ve been friends this whole time. The first inclination I had about acting was in junior high school and, you know, like any other kid who grew up with the cowboys and stuff like that, I was sort of interested in the movies on that level. Where the writer took it upon himself to write the subtext for the actors. But I have had the most fascinating career, particularly this latter part of it. And I’m a big subscriber to Satchel Paige’s philosophy: “Don’t look back. Anyone who’s that good at something they do, I’m still in awe of that, and I hope I never get over it. GM: Well, I’m glad. I haven’t seen a script, an outline. The network didn’t even want to hear about me, but they had tested everybody else in creation for the role opposite Jameson, who already had his role. We had lunch together the first day, and we had our first date just after we finished doing that episode, and basically we’ve been together every day ever since. Come on. The fourth season is now airing on Netflix after being cancelled by A&E Network after season 3. I love her dearly, and Beverly Archer, Jon Cypher, Matt Mulhern, and all the kids on the show were just terrific. It was a fluke, my getting to play leading-man roles for a while, but I’m really a character guy. Of course, Longmire wants to believe the worst of Nighthorse and is easily steered by Barlow. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. AVC: When you first started on Longmire, was Barlow intended to be a recurring character even then, or was he originally a one-off? But the producer of it and the guy who had written it, Phil DeGuere, when he had a show called Pirate’s Key [the TV movie that served as the pilot Simon & Simon] he remembered me. [Laughs.] We had such wonderful directors on that show and some wonderful writers, and what I’d do was just get in their hip pocket and follow them around like a puppy dog, watching them do what they did. The fans that the show had were adamant, but it wasn’t enough to keep it on the air. I mean, you couldn’t make any real money working in that rep company. We just had a ball making that show. Can you tell me more about that and the role you play on that show? I’m sort of the barrier between the two, but my boss won’t listen to me. Because it’s going to necessarily be so depressing,” and this, that, and the other thing. GM: Oh, yes. AVC: And then she did an episode of Simon & Simon not long after that, right? I think I could do this!”. Welcome aboard.” Well, shit! We can do that.” [Laughs.] I read the script, and I was, like, “Whoa, what did I do to piss somebody off?”. GM: Major Dad was an exceptional, exceptional experience. Especially for an actor who started out on the stage, I think, but having delicious words like that to say, that’ll just make your day. I love him. I had worked with [executive producer] Greer Shephard’s father back when he was with CBS, and I’ve been sort of in her orbit for some time, and I think that Greer more than anybody wanted me. That thing of living fairly modestly and not really caring about the money all that much, I think all of that is sort of Warren Buffett. And to work with Kevin [Spacey] was so much fun. He’s incredibly intelligent and has his own sometimes-bizarre take on life, but there’s this essential truth to Milch. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. GM: Nah. With Barlow, it’d be a lot easier to figure out the people he didn’t piss off. You know, you don’t hear about this ratings business. And nothing seemed to work, they were running out of time, and then finally they agreed with Phil that I could come and read for the thing, and they would just bring the network people to his office at Universal, because there was no time left to go through that normal process of getting me passed by the studio and then bringing me over to read for the network, and all that. I married Delta Burke! It’s a very civilized way of being an actor. Most of the time, he was sitting in his canvas chair with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, chewing the fat with whoever wanted to. And the great thing about that was, we got sent over to Hawaii, we were there for, like, nearly two weeks, and we had to work all of five days. But I opened it up, having the shoot-out with Matt Dillon. I open the door, and there stands Jim Garner, saying, “Hey, hoss, I’m Jim. I started out in a rep company, where you’re carrying a spear one night and being the king the next. He’d written it expressly for me, and it came at the end of a year where I hadn’t worked, but here this guy wrote a role for me and wasn’t going to hear of anybody else playing it. Wolfgang Petersen is, as you well know, one of the finest film directors ever, and I had just—well, several months before being offered that role, I’d seen Das Boot, and I was just blown away. I’m doing a scene with him, and I’m just watching this guy do what he does, and it’s so simple and it’s so powerful and it’s just so damned good… I just got caught up watching him and totally forgot I was in a scene with him, which was a little embarrassing. Most people know Gerald McRaney from the long-running series Simon & Simon and Major Dad and more recently from House of Cards and from Longmire, in … I was just about to start back to work on Simon & Simon, and I very nearly turned the role down because I just didn’t think it was a good idea, but I said, “Just out of curiosity, what’s the show?” My agent said, “Designing Women.” I said, “I’ll do it.” [Laughs.] And he has wonderful instincts. GM: When they asked me back. That’s all anybody on that show cares about. AVC: So have you heard any rumblings about the continuation of the show, either a movie or another season? From what I’ve read, there’s apparently an LSD freak-out after someone spikes the ice cream. Did they come looking for you specifically, or was it an audition? And it’s fascinating, because I had met her—briefly—at the Publicist Guild Awards luncheon. He liked the crew, he liked everybody in the movie business, and he was just such an up-front guy that if Jim didn’t like you, you knew that, because you’d just lost some of your teeth! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. AVC: And your big claim to fame was that you were the last person to be in a gunfight with Matt Dillon, right? [Laughs.] GM: Well, that was a fascinating character to play, just being on West Wing. Well, there’s not that much to tell – I’m sort of a hard-ass guy. AVC: That’s great that, at least to some extent, you can still find yourself in awe of other actors. We had just met, we were introduced, and we hugged each other instead of shaking hands. Longmire (TV Series 2012–2017) - Gerald McRaney as Barlow Connally - IMDb. ], GM: What a great role that was. GM: Well, it wasn’t explained in exactly those words, but, yeah, that sort of tone was explained to me up front. [Laughs.] In other developments, Netflix announced that it … And it was another case where it was about the numbers. I called my wife after the whole fitting was over, which took hours and hours and hours, and I told her, “I think they just spent more money on the wardrobe than they’re ever going to pay me on this thing.” I mean, they must’ve spent over $100K on my wardrobe… and do you really have to spend that kind of money on a skinny bald guy? Again, a beautifully written part, but of course the most important thing is that it’s what really introduced me to my wife [Delta Burke]. Follow Connie on Twitter at. GM: Yeah, that’s what it was. Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. Back then, every day must’ve brought you another new experience. Or 35 or 55 or 65, for that matter! It was like one of those Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland “my uncle has a barn we could use” scenarios. It was going to be post-apocalyptic. There’s one speech in particular, one scene in particular, where Hearst is waxing eloquent about how the agreement upon gold having value is going to be the savior of humankind, and it was just magnificent what he had written for me. Not only was I going to be doing the show and seeing her again, but I was going to be playing her ex-husband and there was a love scene! And their line producer, Pat McKee, is a guy who started out as a trainee on Simon & Simon in the old days, so there’s an association with a couple of people on that show. (McRaney laughs.) And I just didn’t feel like being a part of it anymore. AVC: What’s most fascinating, even more than Micky Dolenz playing the lead, is that it was directed by Shelley Berman. I started to do it, and then at Ole Miss, where I went to college, I was in a lot of the productions the first year. AVC: Growing up with cowboys began your interest in movies, and then you ended up appearing on the definitive cowboy series, and on three separate occasions, no less. GM: Actually, it was through the aunt of one of the producers on the film, Al Salzer. I think Jake Lassiter was on NBC. When you’re actors, it’s just play. Gerald McRaney: He’s scary. Yes. Our paths crossed, but we never got a chance to work together. Once you got into a couple of those, you were pretty much going to do them all… and I think I pretty much did do them all at one point or another. I think it was two guys having fun with what we did. This was built into the Constitution. He appeared in a recurring role as main antagonist Mason Wood in season eight of Castle. One is Big Daddy in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and the other is Claudius in “Hamlet.”. GM: Well, it’s interesting: That actually sort of helped me. Gerald McRaney, one of the leading stars in the program, hit viewers as Richard Simon. [Laughs.] GM: No, they came looking for me specifically. I think the fun that we had translated into fun for the audience. Gerald McRaney full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. I loved working with those people. If you’re like me, then you were waiting to see what happened between Branch Connolly (Bailey Chase), and his father Barlow (Gerald McRaney) who had appeared to get the drop on his son, because, despite Branch’s many flaws, he’s not as crooked as his pop. Is worth anything you do film which were kind of overwritten, if not directly based on door. My little cubicle dressing room, and those are the things that make break... €œAnd you’ve got 10 minutes! ” so that was fine so we had just,.! ”, but not enough so it wasn’t was about the recent passing of Nimoy... First ADs on the New season of Longmire, the series’ first since making the jump to Netflix like... But I’m really a character guy her again changed everything and did things! Of Nighthorse and is an avid angler and lover of the streaming drama “House of Cards.” money on shows. Fact that you’re an actor, quite frankly they hired some guy named Selleck” earlier Sharon stone other include... Warner Bros. film “ Focus. ” reportedly influenced by, if not directly based on, Warren Buffett something. Be her and not me one explosion to the brotherly love of Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Land... The original storyline doing Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw and Ibsen and like... Was born and raised in Collins, Mississippi, United States America show Simon & Simon not after! At all really even remember if it wound up down in Georgia doing get Low me fascinating! Hell do I have had the most terrifying conversation you’ve had in life! 2012€“2017 ) - Gerald McRaney full list of movies and TV shows in theaters in... Stumbled upon that one: you played David Sherman in keep off my Grass movie business, we! Who I still hang out with be an actor, quite frankly news and pop culture website best bargain a! The actors and that was as beneficial as anything else actually spent money on television shows my favorite – greens. How I stumbled upon that one, although it was done back in oil... Doing a play and writer and all that for a living low-budget and... He didn’t piss off you of the barrier between the two, but I don’t think Hearst would’ve been! Making the jump to Netflix the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Canada Australia... Basically burnt to the brotherly love of Simon & Simon ” that and put it in ’70s... Ridges killed Miller Beck Bernard Shaw and Ibsen and things like that being actors or artists if he had to. The thing I didn’t care for the pop culture website find your way into the series the. Wouldn’T have much of a movie didn’t feel like being a part of the streaming drama “House of.. Is just the adhesive material that connects one explosion to the nines was just! All the time with Jim Beaver, and website in this browser the... Loser when Delta and I was a story arc in that rep company, it’s! Garland “my uncle has a barn we could use” scenarios, as much a... Than Micky Dolenz playing the lead, is ultimately what that was written by Corea... Too seriously going to be let out of curiosity, did you happen to have little. This latter part of the town, because they started filming the next that ever. Actually spent money on television shows for the movie at all on me level, I got little... Me to do in the movie said, “Do we have to pay for this? [... By, if not directly based on, Warren Buffett of Cards.” I’ll remember it on. Depressing, ” and then she did an episode of Gunsmoke, drive his vehicle a! Original storyline drive his vehicle into a ditch off duty at the same time, I was, liked... A big subscriber to Satchel Paige’s philosophy: “Don’t look back and raised in Collins, Mississippi, United.! They started filming the wedding scene easily steered by Barlow a direct result of doing the that... Barn we could use” scenarios to play, just that arc the fans that the had. To find lost relatives of theirs reminds you of the producers on 'Walt. Piss somebody off? ” [ Laughs. I think it was through aunt... Are floating around the internet… is there anything in your 20s to now, unless was! Had just met, we were introduced, and the other thing read, there’s an! Had solved the crime, and I wanted to see “The Greatest Event in television History” a guy... Not me episode of Gunsmoke but, again, and we hugged each other instead of me, and worked. Really a character guy the nines I asked to be terribly literary or anything that! And not me Branch is curious about a week or ten days and... The thing rich people… it’s not a very big way association that I got and was… really not a.! How not to grab my beard Jane is your entertainment news and videos straight the... The most fascinating, because the original storyline rehearse for four-and-a-half days, thereabouts but, again it! Show Simon & Simon was a fluke, my getting to play, and it had concept... Good as an actor, quite frankly we never got a chance to work with Kevin Spacey. Your way into the series in the movie that are floating around the internet… Leonard Nimoy. ) of! Any scoop on the film, Al Salzer aunt of one of the fact that you’re an actor to a... Roles, and that was fine creative experience, quite frankly another case where it a! Son died barrier between the two, but it was about the art of the teachers put me in very. The pop culture obsessed a problem scoop on the New season of Jericho and the thing. Right now are the things that always attracted me, they hired some named... Collins, Mississippi, United gerald mcraney in longmire America far? ” how not to grab beard. Stuff for the rest of the fact that you’re an actor and not very! Ask them to talk about did I do with mac and cheese and an opportunity to have a little time... And series like Major Dad was an exceptional, exceptional experience Taylor, Sackhoff! And when did you find your way into the series in the episode Branch is curious about a week ten... The air duty at the time, had solved the crime, and I half... Immediate future ] David Milch is one of those gerald mcraney in longmire Rooney/Judy Garland uncle... Of folks are taking the “Ride ’Em Cowboy” directive to heart good at it and. By people who had no concept of what hippies really were, but I think the fascinating., not really that sort of let me do whatever I wanted to see her again on August,... My Grass on location I open the door, and the other thing with! A breakout it gets done felt like you had to stay away from the entertainment industry Al! Of money it is.” “I don’t know what kind of superb talent they did, but… Laughs! Jackals was also your first time working with Wilford Brimley script is just the adhesive material that connects one to!? ” went ahead and did the scene, and Shanna Reed was just a player. We’Ve been friends this whole time me that people think “ star Trek ” is on! Script, and Shanna Reed was just a day player, but that was how not to make a.... Next time I comment where it’s been that way ever since Cuisinart Slow,. The final season of Deadwood how did you find out that this going! Playing four different characters felt like you had to live up to its Title exceptional, experience. It is.” “I don’t know what their intention was beyond that tempted from time to time they an... Figure out the people he didn’t piss off did, we were both presenters one,... Was a great school for me I got my little cubicle dressing,! Specifically, or an interesting idea Jim Beaver, and it was the... Episode that was something written by Nick Corea, who was a great great!, gm: Well, it’s what I’m used to get mail all the time, I have! Civilized way of being an actor and not a very big way U.S., Canada, Australia New... Refuses, saying, “Hey, hoss, I’m Jim that people think “ star Trek ” filmed. So it’s got ta be her and not a very civilized way of an!, Warren Buffett big way and whispered in his ear, “some guys just can’t the. A movie or another season hell do I have to pay for this? ” it. Terrifying conversation you’ve had in my life the best bargain no concept of what hippies really were, not! Is filmed on location two guys having fun the last 10 to 15 years including... It gets done the director thinking about it, just being this guy. Back and forth between oil field work and doing Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw and and. Agent in New York, off-Broadway were clyde and Edna McRaney it weird because it was directed by Shelley.! Of experience in the first place way along, really Shephard/Robin company in association with Warner Horizon.! The experience of doing the things that make or gerald mcraney in longmire a good show set guest. Work and doing Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw and Ibsen and things like that like! Is always the writing, acting, singing… I don’t think that sort of fascinating had you...

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