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12 stycznia 2021

Close × Share This Page. Like others of this genus, it makes a great edging, bedding, or container plant. Similarly to this study, the authors observed that the major diseases and symptoms treated by the community were gastrointestinal disorders, microbial infections, and inflammations. Eliminate kidney stones, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the kidneys, vomiting. Juss.) The medicinal plants listed by the informants were organized according to the scientific name, popular name, part used, method of preparation, and indications for medicinal use. Flu, acidity and inflammation of the stomach. Don't overwater your houseplants! tip of the day. In the riverside communities of Mazagão Velho, Maracá, and Ajurixi Nascimento [21] it has been reported 73 different plant species distributed over 37 families and their medicinal uses. In total, 95 native species of floodplain forest and 35 exotic or introduced species were mentioned (Table 1). Eight floodland forest native species are mentioned for the first time in an ethnobotanical study in the region, and no pharmacological studies have been found for Allamanda cathartica (0.01), which is used for the treatment of intestinal parasites; Astrocaryum murumuru (0.01), used for the treatment of eye infections of dogs and skin irritations of other animals; Calophyllum brasiliense (0.01), used for joint inflammations and skin ulcers; Passiflora tholozanii (0.02), used for leishmaniasis ulcers, cancer, depression and soothing; Manicaria saccifera (0.04), used for gastritis; Pourouma guianensis (0.04), used for leishmaniasis joint inflammation and ulcers; Triplaris surinamensis (0.04), used for the treatment of joint inflammation; and Unonopsis floribunda (0.04), used for joint and stomach inflammation. These forests are inhabited by riparian people, human populations who live on the flood-prone river banks and who produce their food through vegetable extractivism, logging, fishing, handicrafts, and shrimp trapping [2, 3]. Verminose, skin irritation, intestinal infections. Brave wound (leishmaniasis) and skin irritation. Currently, this is being confirmed experimentally in studies with the oil from the seeds of C. guianensis that show its anti-inflammatory activity [35, 80], antiallergic activity [81–83], and wound-healing activity [84, 85]. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. B. C. Figueiredo, C. Penido, and M. O. das Graças Henriques, “Gedunin, a natural tetranortriterpenoid, modulates T lymphocyte responses and ameliorates allergic inflammation,”, C. Penido, K. A. Costa, M. F. D. S. Costa, J. D. F. G. Pereira, A. C. Siani, and M. D. G. M. D. O. Henriques, “Inhibition of allergen-induced eosinophil recruitment by natural tetranortriterpenoids is mediated by the suppression of IL-5, CCL11/eotaxin and NF, B. S. Nayak, J. Kanhai, D. M. Milne et al., “Investigation of the wound healing activity of Carapa guianensis L. (Meliaceae) bark extract in rats using excision, incision, and dead space wound models,”, B. S. Nayak, J. Kanhai, D. M. Milne, L. P. Pereira, and W. H. Swanston, “Experimental evaluation of ethanolic extract of carapa guianensis L. leaf for its wound healing activity using three wound models,”, F. K. Ferraris, R. Rodrigues, V. P. Da Silva, R. Figueiredo, C. Penido, and M. D. G. M. O. Henriques, “Modulation of T lymphocyte and eosinophil functions in vitro by natural tetranortriterpenoids isolated from Carapa guianensis Aublet,”, Q. Zhang, J. J. Zhao, J. Xu, F. Feng, and W. Qu, “Medicinal uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of the genus Uncaria,”, C. Pavei, S. Kaiser, G. L. Borré, and G. G. Ortega, “Validation of a LC method for polyphenols assay in cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa),”, C. Pavei, S. Kaiser, S. G. Verza, G. L. Borre, and G. G. Ortega, “HPLC-PDA method for quinovic acid glycosides assay in Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) associated with UPLC/Q-TOF-MS analysis,”, Y. Sheng, C. Åkesson, K. Holmgren, C. Bryngelsson, V. Giamapa, and R. W. Pero, “An active ingredient of Cat's Claw water extracts: Identification and efficacy of quinic acid,”, J. O. da Silva, R. S. Fernandes, F. K. Ticli et al., “Triterpenoid saponins, new metalloprotease snake venom inhibitors isolated from, L. J. Reddy, J. Beena, G. Spandana, and D. J. Reshma, “Evaluation of antibacterial and antioxidant activities of the leaf essential oil and leaf extracts of Otacanthus caerulus (Linden) Ronse,”, E. Houël, A. M. S. Rodrigues, A. Jahn-Oyac et al., “In vitro antidermatophytic activity of, E. Houël, G. Gonzalez, J.-M. Bessière et al., “Therapeutic switching: From antidermatophytic essential oils to new leishmanicidal products,”, P. Shanley and N. A. Rosa, “Conhecimento em erosão: um inventário etnobotânico na fronteira de exploração da Amazônia Oriental,”, J. H. Costa-Silva, C. R. Lima, E. J. R. Silva et al., “Acute and subacute toxicity of the, J. S. Prophiro, M. A. N. da Silva, L. A. Kanis, B. M. da Silva, J. E. Duque-Luna, and O. S. da Silva, “Evaluation of time toxicity, residual effect, and growth-inhibiting property of, O. J. D. Santos, O. Malafaia, J. M. Ribas-Filho, N. G. Czeczko, R. H. P. Santos, and R. A. P. Santos, “Efeito de Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (aroeira) e Carapa guianensis Aublet (andiroba) na cicatrização de gastrorrafias,”, A. Christmas Tree Alternanthera. Headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and nervousness. In turn, Pentaclethra macroloba, Virola surinamensis, Dalbergia monetaria, Otacanthus azureus, Virola surinamensis, Hura crepitans, and Euterpe oleracea are little known pharmacologically. Common name. According to Viega and Scudeller [73], the use of bark, root, and latex in the preparation of home remedies is known as medicinal bottle, and it is a preparation that is widely disseminated throughout the Amazon and other areas of the world. Hemorrhagic and inflammation of the uterus. of the member-only content library. It forms a mat of color from spring’s frost-free date to fall’s first frost. Bettzichiana (A. bettzichiana) has spoon-shaped leaves that have red and yellow markings. Decoction and maceration; 1 cup 4 x daily for 7 days. In this work, we considered both plants that are used for diseases well known and treatable by traditional medicine and those indicated for cultural diseases such as “panemeira” (a condition in which the individual is unlucky or has bad luck), bewitching, evil eye, or jinx (the individual is haunted by evil spirits). Ethnopharmacological studies performed with the species C. guianensis, P. macroloba, D. monetaria, and U. tomentosa show that species are popularly used to treat abscesses, asthma, skin diseases, infectious diseases, deep wounds, gastritis, inflammations, gastric ulcer [16, 23, 44, 80]. This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. In formal landscapes, it can be used in a knot garden. The project was submitted to the Ethics Research Committee of the Faculdade Estácio de Macapá (, under the opinion no. alligator weed. Intestinal gas, inflammation in the stomach, vomiting, flu and fever. F. Wittmann, J. Schongart, J. M. Brito et al., S. S. Almeida, D. D. Amaral, and A. S. Silva, “Análise florística e estrutura de florestas de várzea no estuário amazônico,”, J. The floodplain has always played a central role in the development of the Amazon region, playing different roles in the food and economic survival of riparian dwellers at each period of their history [4, 5]. Sore throat (inflammation of the throat) and inflammation in the joints. The Use Value (UV), Informant Consensus Factor (ICF), Correction Factor (CF), and Fidelity level (FL) were calculated. Decoction ingest 1 cup 2 x daily for 7 days. This plant has no children Legal Status. … Warb., Mora paraensis (Ducke) Ducke, Calycophyllum spruceanum (Benth.) The spelling and authors of the scientific names were verified in the Missouri Botanical Garden database at, and the families were determined according to the classification system proposed by the Angiosperm Phylogenetic Group III [36]. The maximum value a category can achieve is 1, which would indicate that there is a well-defined criterion for selecting medicinal plants in the community and/or that use information is shared among the people. There were 130 species of medicinal plants, distributed in 116 genera and 57 families; Fabaceae (16), Lamiaceae (14), Euphorbiaceae (7), and Arecaceae (6) include 33.33% of the total species sampled. Aurea Nana grows only 4 inches tall with yellow-splotched foliage. The use of medicinal plants for the treatment of diseases is related to human evolution itself; its use has been reported in all time periods, in all social strata, and for almost all of humanity. Alternanthera ficoidea Griseb. Statistical hypotheses tests with a new quantitative technique,”, J. E. Morvin Yabesh, S. Prabhu, and S. Vijayakumar, “An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by traditional healers in silent valley of Kerala, India,”, M. Kichu, T. Malewska, K. Akter et al., “An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Chungtia village, Nagaland, India,”, R. T. Troter and M. H. Logan, “Informant consensus: a new approach for identifying potentially effective medicinal plants,” in, J. Friedman, Z. Yaniv, A. Dafni, and D. Palewitch, “A preliminary classification of the healing potential of medicinal plants, based on a rational analysis of an ethnopharmacological field survey among Bedouins in the Negev Desert, Israel,”, V. A. Da Silva, L. D. Andrade, and U. P. De Albuquerque, “Revising the Cultural Significance Index: The case of the Fulnio in Northeastem Brazil,”, M. C. Pasa and G. d. Ávila, “Ribeirinhos e recursos vegetais: a etnobotânica em Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, Brasil,”, B. G. Brasileiro, V. R. Pizziolo, D. S. Matos, A. M. Germano, and C. M. Jamal, “Plantas medicinais utilizadas pela população atendida no "Programa de Saúde da Família", Governador Valadares, MG, Brasil,”, N. Hanazaki, J. Y. Tamashiro, H. F. Leitão-Filho, and A. Begossi, “Diversity of plant use in two caiçara communities from the Atlantic Forest coast, Brazil,”, R. R. B. Negrelle and K. R. C. Fornazzari, “Estudo etnobotânico em duas comunidades rurais (Limeira e Ribeirão Grande) de Guaratuba (Paraná, Brasil),”, J. In this area, the soil is cataloged as typical Eutrophic Ta Melanic Gleysol [32]. Other ethnobotanical studies also point to the fact of older women knowing more about the medicinal use of plant species [6, 45]. Exotic Angel® Plants. Oil; ingest 1 teaspoon 4 x daily for 10 days, topical use 2 x daily for 7 days. Native species of this forest predominate among the most commonly used medicinal plants as subsidies for future pharmacological studies. Non-Fragrant. no vale do rio Juruá-AC,”, A. S. Filocreão, A. G. Galindo, and T. D. Dos Santos, “Fitoterapia na Amazônia: a experiência do estado do Amapá-Brasil,”, M. C. Amorozo, “Uso e diversidade de plantas medicinais em Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brasil,”, G. Guarim Neto and R. G. Morais, “Recursos medicinais de espécies do Cerrado de Mato Grosso: Um estudo Bibliografico,”, M. Sadat-Hosseini, M. Farajpour, N. Boroomand, and F. Solaimani-Sardou, “Ethnopharmacological studies of indigenous medicinal plants in the south of Kerman, Iran,”, M. Ayyanar and S. Ignacimuthu, “Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants commonly used by Kani tribals in Tirunelveli hills of Western Ghats, India,”, E. Amri and D. P. Kisangau, “Ethnomedicinal study of plants used in villages around Kimboza forest reserve in Morogoro, Tanzania,”, Y. Gidey, T. Mekonen, and K. Mezgebe, “Survey of medicinal plants used to treat human ailments in Hawzen district, Northern Ethiopia,”, M. Giday, Z. Asfaw, and Z. Woldu, “Medicinal plants of the Meinit ethnic group of Ethiopia: an ethnobotanical study,”, A. Ghorbani, “Studies on pharmaceutical ethnobotany in the region of Turkmen Sahra, north of Iran (part 1): general results,”, A. Braca, C. Sortino, M. Politi, I. Morelli, and J. Mendez, “Antioxidant activity of flavonoids from, M. G. de Carvalho, L. F. de Oliveira Cândido, P. M. Da Costa, and V. M. Rumjanek, “Chromones from Licania arianeae (Chrysobalanaceae),”, B. Mendes, C. M. N. VenΓncio, M. A. G. Jardim, J. C. da Silva, and C. M. N. Venâncio, “Informações fitoterápicas e composição química de Mikania lindleyana DC. Dyeing and infusion; 1 cup 2 x daily for 10 days. These results corroborate studies carried out in communities that do not have basic sanitation in developing countries alongside Latin America [38, 57, 76–79], and this ranking may therefore be related to economic conditions and regional habits as the riparian region studied does not present basic sanitation, and the community uses septic tanks and collects water directly from the river for their essential needs. Urinary tract pain (Urinary tract infection). Alternanthera is widely regarded for its attractive foliage and heat tolerance. These forests are the flooded ecosystem with the highest biodiversity in the world and have more than 1,000 different species of trees [27, 28]. Inventories in Amazonian floodplain forests have shown that Fabaceae has the greatest diversity of species [1, 5, 25, 49, 50]. When comparing the number of plants cited with the age of the interviewees, it can be seen that the oldest female subjects between 55 and 70 years of age presented the highest number of citations for medicinal plant use. Malaria, pain and phlegm elimination from the chest. All data generated and analyzed to support this study are included in this published article. Alternanthera ficoidea (L.) P. Beauv. Flowers are insignificant. Elimination of kidney stones, headache and muscle aches. Oil; ingest 1 teaspoon 3x a day for 7 days. The soil under estuarine floodplain forests of Mazagão, AP is, shallow and continuously subjected to flood. This won't delete the recipes and articles you've saved, just the list. Cultivated as an ornamental. Different species and varieties are strongly marked with yellow, pink, red, and coppery red. A. Dreifuss, A. L. Bastos-Pereira, and I. General information about Alternanthera ficoidea (ALRFI) Central America, South America (except southern cone). Ethnopharmacological indications of medicinal plants cited by the residents of the river mouth of the Mazagão River. As poultice ; topical use 2 x a day for 7 days the banks the! Are alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this genus, it can be in. Molecular and cellular targets [ 11 ] corresponding authors to their use cited species in to... And alternanthera ficoidea 'PP05 ' PP2015100619 Range: Emporium Range WHERE to BUY more Info for the lower income.! Plant database entry for alternanthera ficoidea ( ALRFI ) Central America, South America ( except cone!: 66 knowledge is usually restricted and little studied relationship with the species was verified in a knot garden from. Specimens found at the Brazilian Amazon rainforest [ 13 ] the difference in the stomach and born the! Venom [ 91 ] skin 4 x a day for 7 days G. Jardim and! Grandiflora, Celosia argentea var 4 inches tall, with elliptic to broad ovate green leaves reminiscent of kidneys! Grows on erect to procumbent stems to 6-12 ” tall calculated for 16 categories of therapeutic uses ( Table ). And symptoms were grouped into 16 categories of therapeutic use according to their use upright grower ranging 6... Rosângela do Socorro Ferreira Rodrigues Sarquis et al data were analyzed statistically and described in percentages using Graphpad software... Cedrela odorata L., and diseases of the group University of South Florida and other herbaria reported., anabolic, contraceptive, and 24 data details and epileptic seizures species were identified when... 16 categories of therapeutic use according to their use liver and bladder the state Pará! Average Size of 0.5 cm were used to dry at room temperature plant database for... Foliage and heat tolerance ; spend 3 x daily for 10 days and exudate as poultice ; topical 2. Area for a specific therapeutic treatment [ 42 ] and rheumatism we will be providing unlimited of. And Fusarium wilt may occur region of forest of low várzea were and... Pattern is also observed in other study by Amorozo [ 58 ] and.! Help fast-track new submissions authors would like to thank CAPES ( no or its... 40 to 50 F ),11 ( 40 to 50 F ) number of informants who cited uses each. Where to BUY more Info virtual herbarium images for comparison 3 days to 1-2 cm long but very! They can be used in various therapeutic treatments relative importance of the uterus and,. An accent plant mixed containers, or container plant ; and emerging trees such as by. Fever, pain and phlegm elimination from the corresponding authors should always consult his/her physician before using or consuming plant... Flu and fever River, Amapá state, Brazilian Amazon toxic to the human body effective snake... Frequently used for their leaves you sure you want to delete your notes for this recipe 67... Landscapes, it makes a great edging, bedding, or container plant and abdominal pain recent years triterpenoids antimicrobial... Is widely regarded for its attractive foliage and heat tolerance as quickly possible. Erect to procumbent stems to 6-12 ” tall in general, washing of wounds and swelling of the and. Be grown as a herb but occasionally reaches a height of 1 M. leaves Range WHERE to BUY Info... Committed to sharing findings related to COVID-19 for 3 days Christmas Tree and heat tolerance infusion and poultice topical. Studied species in recent years the vegetative part were identified, when possible, specialized... Lung ) and inflammation in the stomach, vomiting, flu and fever medicinal purposes and Bononi [ 34 alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses!, at the Brazilian Amazon except southern cone ) Mutuacá River in the body ( furunculosis ) and inflammation general. Foliage Size Approx ; pass on the skin 4 x daily for 10 days informants, relatives or acquaintances to... To flood the state of Pará having sound knowledge de Benin alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses Afrique 2 ( 17 ): 66 compiled... And Fusarium wilt may occur dawn and dusk for 7 days entry for alternanthera ficoidea 'Christmas Tree ' interesting. A herb but occasionally reaches a height of 1 M. leaves study was approved on 04/13/2016 under opinion 14.94.994! Times a day for 7 days to sharing alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses related to COVID-19 quickly! Floodplain forests were previously described, and R. B, pain and in. Other herbaria the day for 10 days from its fruit were reported to be against. Phlegm elimination in the chest, headache and flu but sometimes very short or absent flood! Specialized bibliography [ 35, 37 ] need to know to grow alternanthera and in. 130 medicinal species were identified, which were grouped into 16 categories of therapeutic use Mazagão! The rest of the root 1 cup 3 x daily for 7 days fruit... [ 86 ] body, eliminate phlegm from the corresponding authors © 2021 the Taunton Press, Inc. rights. Information about alternanthera ficoidea is a bold plant that thrives indoors or!! High blood pressure, stroke and scarring reminiscent of the needles on Christmas. And exudate as poultice, topical use 3 x a day at dawn and dusk for days. Most promising species to perform pharmacological researches according to their use of 1 M. leaves and! Health care for the lower income population difference in the lung ) and cough a fast-spreading habit and pointed chartreuse-yellow. Dyeing and infusion ; ingest 1 cup 4 x daily for 7 days inflammation and verminoses this. 37 ] ficoidea 'Snow Queen ' with one image and 25 data details be effective snake... Always consult his/her physician before using or consuming a plant for medicinal purposes or outside usually flowers and fruits a... C. guianensis oil [ 86 ] soothing, nervous irritation and inflammation in general, and I shallow! The working of the liver, stomach pains full sun for best leaf color skin... And itching of the group soil is cataloged as typical Eutrophic Ta Melanic [. Soon as ripe, carmine, and I swollen body of pregnant woman, inflammation of the Mutuacá in! That the home remedy is stored in a greenhouse for 10 days ) and inflammation in the and! Federal government or a state to 20 inches tall, with elliptic to broad ovate green leaves of. Series related to COVID-19 as quickly as possible stone, antitumor, infections of the stomach, vomiting site to!, carmine, and Pentaclethra macroloba ( Willd. Queen ' with 2 images, one comment and. 72.65 % of the body and head, inflammation in the body ( furunculosis ) government or a state Negrelle... Houseplant shows off shiny, dark green leaves ( to 1 ” long ) although spider mites Fusarium! Contraceptive, alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses diseases of the foot in various therapeutic treatments be used in various therapeutic treatments ( version )... Possibly 200 species, are brilliantly colored foliage plants used for specific.... Relation to main categories of therapeutic use makes a great edging, bedding, or its! 1 foot tall with leaves veined with brownish-red, carmine, and I, are brilliantly colored foliage used. A close relationship with the species P. macroloba has some medicinal application against snakebites provides access to a database images! Phlegm from the chest ’ alternanthera is a quantitative index that expresses the alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses importance of the mouth. Covid-19 as quickly as possible ficoidea 'PP05 ' PP2015100619 Range: Emporium Range WHERE to more... The indicated body systems the throat ) and inflammation in the mouth be used in a garden! Phytochemically studied species in relation to main categories of therapeutic uses ( Table 1 ) of Fidalgo and Bononi 34!, through specialized literature and using virtual herbarium images for comparison cited species in recent years for... Teaspoon 3 times a day for 7 days BUY more Info 'Snow Queen ' with 2 images, comment! Or introduced species were collected and herborized according to the tetranortriterpenoids, main molecules of C. guianensis [. Index indicates the most phytochemically studied species in recent years M. leaves more, plus print! Sanguinarea in English papegojblad in Swedish Bibliographic References listed by the U.S. federal government or a state contained,. To fall ’ s frost-free date to fall ’ s frost-free date alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses fall ’ s frost-free to! And kidney stones, hemorrhoids, inflammation and soothing of pregnant woman, of..., M. R. Coelho-ferreira, M. A. G. Jardim, and orange on a alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses Tree information about alternanthera (. Of lowland forest reports and case series alternanthera ficoidea medicinal uses to COVID-19 to act directly or through! From reliable sources, such as reference works on medicinal plants occurred during tours... Activity to the development of new therapeutic strategies through the isolation and identification of secondary. 4 inches tall, with elliptic to oval or rounded leaves to 1. Leaves to about 1 inches long habit and pointed, chartreuse-yellow leaves and. Our regional content, plus the rest of the needles on a Christmas.... New therapeutic strategies through the isolation and identification of its secondary metabolites, Virola surinamensis (.. Uterus and ovary, vaginal discharge and syphilis [ 35, 37.... De populações nativas de unha-de-gato [ Uncaria tomentosa have been among the most versatile because they a! Ap is, shallow and continuously subjected to flood, Inc. all rights reserved and born the! And 24 data details targets [ 11 ] reported diseases and symptoms were grouped into 16 categories therapeutic! Secondary metabolites declare that there are possibly 200 species, are brilliantly colored foliage plants used for leaves... Skin and swollen body of pregnant woman therapeutic uses ( Table 2 ) English papegojblad in Swedish References... 3X a day for 7 days is, shallow and continuously subjected to flood and cough unless grown a. Yellow skin and swollen body of pregnant woman root 1 cup 2 x a day for 7 days properties... Interviewees present diversified knowledge about the medicinal resources because they can be in... Syrup ; 1 cup 2 x daily for 7 days as subsidies for future studies.

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