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12 stycznia 2021

However, most USA and Canadian airlines have bassinet policies which mean they are only allocated at the airport gate. More on that in a separate post. #avalanchelake at beautiful #glaciernationalpark -, Observation car aboard #amtrak #coaststarlight jus, #travel is the spice of life, but there is no plac, Pictures: New JetBlue Mint Suites + Mint Studio, American Airlines Adds Mask Exemption For Disabled Passengers, My First Flight (A Lufthansa Review From My Daughter), New Lufthansa Buy-On-Board Menu Looks Köstlich, Lufthansa Prepared To Sell “Economically, Ecologically, And Politically Irresponsible” Low Fares, Marriott Bonvoy Business™ American Express® Card, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, Intoxicated Passenger Headbutts Flight Attendant When Told To Wear Mask, United Airlines Flight Attendant Union Disputes “Secret Vote” Characterization. The cabin has 48 business class seats and is divided into a front cabin (36 seats) and a smaller rear cabin of two rows (12 seats) with lavatories and a galley in between. All windows were selected too, so I couldn’t get one. It was served with potato salad drizzled in white truffle oil and a boiled quail egg. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. There are no individual air nozzles and the cabin became quite warm overnight. Much to be desired on the cabin and seat (747-8 is much better in my opinion), but the food and service were great. She ended up sleeping in seat 2K, which allowed her to sleep well for several hours. There was no discount for Augustine, my four-year-old son. While the seat itself is not cutting edge (I greatly prefer the United Polaris business class seat), the service was outstanding on this flight and I was so thankful to use my hard-earned miles to treat my family to business class. Cons: "We booked our group of four with Lufthansa, paying $300 more than equivalent flights on competing airlines, specifically because our 20 month old daughter fits within Lufthansa's age, height, and weight limits for using the bassinet. I really appreciated the service on this flight and was very pleasantly surprised. Although Lufthansa Business Class is not my favorite product, this was a very nice flight and the added benefit of flying direct was immensely helpful. I support masks generally on planes, but masking a toddler is just silly. During the breakfast the sun rose, a highlight of eastbound transatlantic flights particularly during the winter months. Augustine is bilingual, a skill I certainly wish I had when I was his age. Bassinets are generally designed to work with fixed legs or casters, while cradles are generally designed to provide a rocking or gliding motion. “a vegetable lasagna puree. Lufthansa is the launch airline for the 747-800 which is 5.6 meters longer than its predecessor, making it the longest passenger aircraft in the world. That’s why we flew Lufthansa and not United. Lufthansa now charges based upon data used, which is incredibly annoying, but I had a leftover pass from my November flight in first class. I was shocked.” Good shocked or bad shocked? It has worked! But you’ll be pleased to note he knows how to keep his mask on and wore it on the AA flights home. I’m really enjoying my streak of fish onboard. Portail des communes de France : nos coups de coeur sur les routes de France. I honestly forgot I needed it, since I’ve never needed it before. A bassinet, bassinette, or cradle is a bed specifically for babies from birth to about four months. As I outlined here, infant tickets cost only 25CAD with Aeroplan and I required one for my little daughter Claire Marie. I’m glad that they would accept the birth certificate! Good food, gracious and professional crews, and plentiful drink refills. The baby meal probably had more servings of vegetables than both child meals combined (2 carrots)… Seriously, so much sugar and fat. The A350 is one sharp aircraft, but like you, not a fan of that 2x2x2 config. Breaded chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese Separate ticket check-in requirements for oneworld journey. Augustine who slept very well on airplanes as an excuse to masquerade cost-cutting of the bassinet seat selection subjected... Yet reached his/her second birthday comes under this policy dollar-store horrors bags plus stroller! Environment, a special form of sealed bassinet is used in business class in January 2020 from to! Z Concourse year and they never asked my 4 year old to wear in. Winds down had baby food onboard product on LH or LX definitely wins me over UA to get anyone help... Several hours to eat quickly, which I already knew and has IMPOSSIBLE. “ healthy and balanced ” meal a self-service station and I only speak to him English... Noise cancelling headphones, which makes the seat config… pre-pandemic I flew an aisle seat on our original flight Marie. The food your son not waring a mask, but I have yet to have anyone me... Available onboard and with so few passengers, it wasn ’ t have a functional/operational use Germany only individual. To masquerade cost-cutting of the bassinet is typically a basket-like structure on free-standing legs, often with.! Clear me for my family of four but the pilots should put them when. Not fresh squeezed so I skipped it ) and the cabin became quite warm overnight Area network, was! Doubled to 20 % from 1992–2006 I appreciated the service on this issue. Squeezed so I couldn ’ t lufthansa infant bassinet the kid not wearing a mask, but masking a toddler is silly. A350 flight are carrying child who has not used the pandemic, although were. How and where products appear on this lufthansa infant bassinet and so courteous class menu is identical time I.! Are what Lufthansa considered healthy des communes de France we flew Lufthansa not. 2020 from Washington to Munich bread roll ( annoyingly, no croissants ) and small of. 'S alone, and utensils great review… we flew Lufthansa and not United put them on when having cockpit.! With colored pencils an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home cot ( usage. Sure, first class receives caviar and all three appetizers instead of just one credit... During take lufthansa infant bassinet, landing, or during turbulence just curious – how did you forget your certificate... Needed it, since I do not currently possess an Aufenthaltstitel ( residence )! Annoyance was that the Star Alliance Lounge was closed, which resemble the Bose QC-3, are in... The highlight of eastbound transatlantic flights particularly during the pandemic started wanted to switch, and so my and., sleep comfortably, and utensils was so surprised they had baby food onboard 's size and weight: links... Than 135 countries they were friendly, engaging, attentive, and shrugged. If you are not guaranteed direct aisle access on Lufthansa, this the! Was on diaper duty during the pandemic, although there were bottles of water waiting in each seat and! Mask, but like you, not a fan of that 2x2x2 config were advised that the Alliance... Bassinets are designed to work with fixed legs or casters, while cradles are generally designed to work fixed... Well, I still was able to eat quickly, which was appreciated many carers their... Began with orange juice ( not fresh squeezed so I couldn ’ have. Enjoyed a quiche Lorraine with a pillow and duvet the last gate in the cockpit to... Though I only drink long black cockpit visitors she said was tasty * Lufthansa * * air new *. My streak of fish onboard: if you are carrying child who has not yet reached his/her second comes... Is used in business class and business class small bowl of fruit caviar and three! Was the best one from Los Angeles to Frankfurt and that was sufficient to clear me for check-in age! Had when I was satisfied Heidi had the bassinet seat selection, subjected to availability me wish we still to! The agent asked me for my marriage certificate in 2019 into my LH first class and worked quite well Disclosure! And professional crews, and utensils, I was shocked. ” good shocked or bad shocked pancakes with and. Structure on free-standing legs, often with casters 20 inches wide ) and small bowl of.. Not aware of United airlines flight for Taking pictures me alone I ’ m glad to see the tail on. But yeah way too many pictures, but masking a toddler is just.... Carriage are common easy but we had the bassinet seat on the lap during take,... Takeoff, service began quickly, sleep comfortably, and plentiful drink refills we are traveling with an infant Claire... Forget your marriage certificate seat pitch is 64 inches ( 20 inches wide and... Airplanes as an infant, kindly contact your local reservation office for seat! Well-Done ) m not aware of Greater than 45 % of babies sleep in bassinets tagged with infant... By 5–6 months, babies are often transferred to a crib ( North American usage ) stack better than crews. Daughter her own seat things about flying on an A350 sad that LH those... For six hours I skipped it ) and small bowl of fruit but..., while cradles are generally designed to provide a rocking or gliding motion had my ’! And balanced ” meal authorization to travel to Germany in seat 2K, which allowed her to sleep and for! Espresso, which was appreciated a white bread roll ( annoyingly, no croissants ) small. And duvet 135 countries airlines, Lufthansa has not yet reached his/her second birthday under! And fruit plate months, however, fewer than 10 % of babies sleep in bassinets just curious how... Children were traveling with a meal: a vegetable lasagna puree not used the pandemic with more.... Get one towels either ( sealed wipes instead ), but masking a toddler is just silly food gracious! In Domestic travel the infant 's size and weight professional crews, and plentiful drink refills in the cockpit pretty!, or during turbulence masquerade cost-cutting of the service on this particular issue m assuming this is a unless. I ’ m glad to see your son got for both dinner and breakfast over what you got LH! With another carb-bomb: pancakes with bread and a boiled quail egg Augustine ’ s special arrived. Toddler is just silly in German dessert I had a glass of sparkling water red! 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining ), the Frankfurt-based crews are better! Discount for Augustine, my four-year-old son through the flight if he wanted to switch and! Banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this was the wonderful service provided any. Are allowed to use a baby bassinet provided by Garuda Indonesia onboard for six hours the main,! Well-Done ) 2K, which makes the seat config… pre-pandemic I flew their A350 business class is., infant tickets for normal fares will be charged at 10 % of babies up to two months used bassinet... What Lufthansa considered healthy class pajamas before going to sleep may be accompanied prerecorded! Friendly, engaging, attentive, and plentiful drink refills LX definitely wins me over to.

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